Our Approach.

Here at Sapien Global Services, our approach is straightforward:

It’s not about us.  It’s about you. 

It’s all about YOUR business, and how best to enable you to focus on your core activities, while we look after the rest.  Our team of specialist bookkeepers, accountants and advisors will work seamlessly within your organisation.

Our approach is hands-on. Great businesses evolve from great people.  We favour strong, positive working relationships that deliver trust and confidence through gaining in depth knowledge of your operation, your values and how you work. 

You can decide how best to use the services of our team. We will help you design the package that works best for your business and where you are today.

Here’s How We Work

1. Let's get together

To offer the best tailored support, your Sapien Global Account Manager will spend time getting to know you, your industry and your business model.  Also, your customer market and your business goals.
We will spend time with you to gain insight into your organisation, the business management and information systems you operate.
And, essentially, we know that it’s the people who matter.  Their personalities, how they work, what they do and how they do it.  Let’s talk – about everything.

2. Your Unique Package

Sapien Global will devise a suite of services and bring together a team of experts just for your business.  No more, and no less than you require.  What’s more, Your Finance Team will be fully scalable, flexible and transparent.
We’ll also ensure that the experts we engage will fully understand and share your organisation’s goals and objectives.
Streamlined process and systems, and customised management reports will increase performance visibility and enable you to analyse trends and plan for the future.  This is the real-time financial and operational information that you’ve been waiting for, accessible through cloud-based technology. 
You’ll be able to see it at any time, wherever you are.

We’re at the Heart of Your Business

Sapien Global Services works with you.  We aim to support your company in unified partnership.  Part of a continuous, unbroken circle.  An authentic extension of your operational team, even.

You can rely upon a results-driven service.  Moreover, you’ll benefit from a vibrant energetic team that’s enthusiastic about the success of your business.  And, of course, held accountable for results.

With best-in-class talent and exceptional knowledge of your business we’re in it for the long haul.

Would you like to be with us? Sapien Global is looking forward to hearing from you.