About Sapien Global Services.

We offer bespoke business and finance management services to companies in the UK of any size and any industry sector.  With a multi-skilled approach across a wide variety of disciplines, whatever you do, and however many people in your business do it, we’re here to help you do it even better.

Meet our Founders

We’re Sian Castle and Mark Hopkins, both experts with over 30 years’ experience in commerce and industry, providing hands-on financial management, planning and business support services.

We founded Sapien Global Services in 2014 largely as a response to a distinct gap in the market that had become increasingly noticeable.  Intrigued? What gap are we referring to? Do you recognise elements of your business in the following scenario?

Sian Castle
Mark Hopkins

Is this You?

Technology and processes in the workplace have changed almost beyond recognition. 

In particular, the role of the finance function has evolved.  Technology has totally transformed it. Once burdened with manual processes, the finance function has moved on.  Where checking and retrospective examination were once the norm, a forward-looking, more automated environment has now taken over. Everyone’s jobs look and feel different; indeed, they are different.   

The challenge?  No single person has all the skills he or she needs.  And, a full-time role for each skills set can’t be justified.  You need a flexible finance team that can grow with your business without the associated full-time costs.

Increased efficiency in business systems and processes can empower everyone.  Is your business making the most of what technology has to offer?

Sapien In a Nutshell

From start-ups to exit planning and every stage of growth and expansion in between, Sapien Global is your seamless business partner; your truly outstanding finance and operational team.  We’re on your side and act in your best interests each and every day.  We’re people who genuinely understand the ebb and flow of your organisation – and who want to see it succeed.

Sapien delivers a flexible, tailor made package of services through hand-picked individuals within our team, delivered by our own, hands-on staff, yet offsite or onsite, whichever you prefer.

With a wealth of commercial experience, and the powerful tools of contemporary technology, our services expand outwards and upwards from transaction processing.  Sapien Global can set up the right financial control environment and help you maintain positive cash flow.  Additionally, we can provide timely reports and insights to help you make the best decisions for your business.

A Complete End-to-End Solution

Perhaps you may not need a full-time Financial Controller or a Finance Director. Yet, you find that you most definitely need that expertise.  Why?  Because for example, your markets have expanded internationally, or you’ve experienced robust growth.  Or, you’re about to.  Your finances need managing at a higher level than previously.  Perhaps your operations are being choked.  

You could be looking for your right-hand finance partner to:

  • See things from a different perspective
  • Challenge your thinking
  • Identify opportunities and your competitive strengths
  • Manage and mitigate risk
  • Manage protection of your valuable assets
  • Support and contribute to business growth
  • Manage stakeholder relationships; your bank, HMRC, strategic suppliers, and your shareholders
  • Source and manage corporate finance
  • Prepare the business for exit

Step forward your Sapien Finance Director.  Read more about how this totally bespoke service could make all the difference to your organisation.  Contact us and look forward to being the successful business owner you deserve to be.