About You.

What Sorts of Businesses do we Work With?

In brief, every type of business and enterprise throughout the UK, including yours.  We work with owner managers and entrepreneurs at every stage of the business lifecycle. 

Where do you think you are now in your business?  Or, more to the point, perhaps we should ask where you would prefer to be.  Wherever it is, we can empower you to get there.

Hand-Picked Expertise

Sapien Global Services draws on its band of highly qualified accountants, financial directors, and business and finance management experts to build the right team for your business.  Our FDs are advisors of the very highest calibre – decidedly in demand, and well regarded in their industry sectors.

You’ll benefit from a full finance team, working alongside you with a joined-up approach.

And, they’re poised to make an impact to your operational management processes.

Sapien Global for Start-Ups

As an early stage company, you’ll have enough to do.  You know that success will depend on sales and early-stage growth, through hard work and skill.  Let Sapien Global Services take over your accounting needs, with high quality bookkeeping and accounting processes and services.  This is a very flexible offering that can be tailored to your needs. 

And, it’s scalable.  We plan to grow as you grow.

Sapien Global for Growth

As your business develops, you may wish to expand internationally.  Your business transactions could become more complex; you could have more staff to pay, cash management may become more challenging.

All your operational and financial processes must be accurate, meaningful and fully supporting your business.  Are they doing that now?

If not, we’re here to offer you a strong foundation through our flexible financial management and business services.

Sapien Global, planning for succession and exit

We can help your organisation throughout its lifespan. Sapien will support your business with corporate governance, robust legal agreements, succession planning, systems and infrastructure.  In short, everything you need for a successful exit strategy.

Every business is different.  Every single one.  Even your competitors have different structures and distinct clients.  Most likely, they’re poles apart in their day-to-day operations, too. 

Our focus is on building an operationally well-run company, whilst you concentrate on scaling up the business.