Business Accounting & Management Information

Clear Insight and High-Quality Business Intelligence from Sapien Global for Better Decision-Making and Growth

Not only can we deliver outstanding financial and operational business management services, we can also help you to know and understand more about what’s going on in your company.  Right now.

How would that help you?

Sapien Global offers best-in-class management and financial reporting and analysis for instant answers.  With immediate information at your fingertips, as well as valuable tactical and strategic data for longer-term planning, you’ll know what’s really working – and what’s not.

The result: Information is power.  Better planning, improved productivity and profitability, informed decision making.

Just a few examples:

  • Monthly and weekly cash flow forecasting
  • A dashboard of key financial and operational performance indicators at your fingertips wherever you are.
  • Annual budgets, and rolling financial forecasts
  • Monthly management accounts with performance analysis

Systems that Talk (To Each Other)

Our team understands the technology that powers businesses. By that, we mean not only the essential “nuts and bolts” familiarity with systems, but also how they can and should interconnect seamlessly. 

We will enable you to:

  • Streamline your existing processes and systems
  • Minimise manual intervention and duplication of data input

You’ll notice these genuine value-for-money results very quickly:

  • No more conflicting information from more than one source
  • Less time spent on checking output accuracy
  • More time and resources in your business
  • Real-time information, delivered consistently

How Can We Help?

Dashboard reports and KPIs.  Where you are now against where you need to be.

Management information and accounts.  Meaningful timely information that reflects your true financial position.

Performance analysis.  The bigger picture for strategic commercial acumen.

Cash flow management.  Spot short and long-term pinch points.

Forecasts and financial planning.  How best to take steps to address funding requirements.

Bespoke, Tailored Reporting for your Leadership Team

We’ll agree what, when and how often you need to see and analyse your reports.  And, in what format you’d like them to be. Our role is to help you understand and interpret the insights we provide.

Looking for positive, measurable outcomes in your organisation?  Contact us for more information.